Ad 2 Prosper scam review

Even though basically it is another revenue share website Ad2Prosper brings something else to the world. Their Network Marketing principle is actually very simple: rather than earning money only on what you do personally, you can build a team of committed people like you, who duplicate your example. They claim that their business is focused on the principle that all the participants should make money with particular attention for those who don’t have time and/or don’t like to sell.

PRODUCT NAME: Ad 2 ProsperNew Image
Overall Ranking: 50 / 100
Price: Free and also 4 Membership plans between 15$ and 255$
Owners: Proprofit Worldwide Ltd. – London
Website: http://ad2prosper.com/

The website is relatively new starting their business around November 2015.

You can participate to Ad2Prosper totally free. But you can also decide to speed-up the earning process, upgrading your Membership to one of our Premium Partnerships. And, as a Prosper Partner, you are paid in real-time!

You will receive 5$ at sign up after you’ve viewed your first ads. You need to upgrade in order to receive free referrals every month.

Partnership Types

Free member : 1 level 33% referral commissions + 1 free referral + $5 ad credits offered
Cost : free
Bronze member : 4 levels 33% referral commissions + 3 free referrals + $5 ad credits offered
Cost : $15 monthly
Silver member : 4 levels 33% referral commissions + 6 free referrals + $10 ad credits offered
Cost : $29 monthly
Gold member : 4 levels 33% referral commissions + 9 free referrals + $15 ad credits offered
Cost : $86 monthly
Platinum member : 4 levels 33% referral commissions + 15 free referrals + $20 ad credits offered
Cost : $255 monthly


It is clear to me that after reading a lot of what could be found online about this website, you need to invest a lot in order to cash out. All the payment proof that I have found online a joke, like cents or 10 dollars. This doesn’t look right to me. And I think people are looking to find businesses where they don’t need to invest from the beginning a big amount of money. That is the whole advantage of online, that you should be able to make money with a small investment of in some cases without any initial investment.

How to make money with Ad2Prosper?

The business is based of referrals, that means that is almost impossible to get money out of it without bringing people in. You get referrals by purchasing them or promote your referral link. The price is 5$ per referral but buying more gets you a discount. For example you can buy a maximum of 500 referrals at a price of 1375$ that means 2,75$ per referral.

Promoting your referral link these days is like trying to count the sand on a beach in Rio. But some people are not discouraged by this and they still can bring a lot by building a website and talking about the advantage of joining this business. But it is a lot slower and may not be successful at all.

I find good that you can join for free, that way you can test yourself , even though I don’t recommend paying any money. 

Final Verdict

There is something not right about this website. I don’t like that you have to pay a lot of money upfront. I see that they claim they are a London-based business but when you look closely I have found that the site is located in US but the real location is being hidden. The site is a high risk almost everywhere you look Scamadviser giving 20% and HIGH RISK rating. Now I am not saying that they are not trying to make everything right , but as I said in other reviews the model is wrong. What happens when people don’t want to join anymore? I belive that you can make money at Ad2Share but with a high risk. 

There are a lot of 100% legit ways to make money online. I belive that you should spend you money wisely and research as much as possible before investing in failed business models.

If you have any other question regarding this article, please feel free to use the comment section below.

As for me I earn my money with Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate read my complete review here.



Constantin Sap


  1. Very informative article and I would have to agree with you that it looks a bit sketchy. When I am researching any kind of business opportunity I look for scam reviews and the fact that they have a 20% rating would make me look elsewhere. The other thing that would make me stay away is the fact that you don’t make any money without referring people and after awhile of doing that it gets old and people will stop joining. Good post.

  2. Yes, I tried myself quite a few webistes like this and it turns out that you just need a large amount of money to invest in order to get something out of it and lots of luck. Why luck? Well because you will be for sure tense each and every day until you at least withdraw your initial investment.

  3. I must say this review is complete bulls……..First of all this site never was or will be revshare. It is MLM. And there is no need to invest much money in order to earn big. You can start with simple 15$ membership and as you get silver or higher refferals you upgrade to higher level since comission is waiting for you 7 days in account if you have lower membership than your ref.

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