Adshare.Network scam or not?

Who is Adshare.Network?

Like I’ve said before there is a plethora of revenue sharing sites and Adshare.Network is no exception and is one of the new ones. It was launched on 11 January 2016 and it only has 472 members of the date of this review. What we know is that they are based in UK supposedly and that they are owned by a James and a Sam. Who are these people no one knows.

PRODUCT NAME: Adshare.Network
Overall Ranking: 38 / 100
Price: Starting at 3$/Adpack plus 10$/month Membership
Owners: James and Sam
Website: http://adshare.network

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Making money

As for positive side they do use Paypal, for how long who knows. I say that because of what happen to many revenue sharing sites like My Paying Ads for example, when Paypal didn’t want to collaborate with them anymore, so they lost a lot of revenue. But if you read FAQ page there is says they currently use only Payza and they will add more in the future. For me that is not a good sign. There is a 4,5% deposit fee for Paypal and 5.1% for Payza and 2% withdrawal fee for both.

Adshare.Network’s minimum deposit limit is $10, the maximum deposit limit is currently $2000. As for withdrawal there is a minimum amount of 10$.

As you probably already know they sell adds. What that means is that in order to receive revenue, you are required to purchase Ad Pack plans. For these Ad Packs to than generate revenue, each member will be required to surf between 10-20 sites each day, depending on what their plan stipulates. You’ll need to surf the required amount of ads every 24 hours.

Besides the usual AdPack they Adshare.Network offer also another type of exposure called SoloAds. SoloAds are in essence email blasts which are sent out to each individual member. Thus meaning that your business is being viewed by each and every active member, a fine way to promote your business. And just like purchasing Adpacks, Adshare Network’s program has enabled each member that purchases SoloAds to earn revenue and commission, earning profits while advertising their business. Every 3 x Solo Ads purchased by a new member joining this stage, will credit another member with $50 whom has already purchased 3 x Solo Ads. It’s in essence, a cycle whereby the revenue accumulated is shared between all members active in this stage. But to unlock this feature and buy SoloAds, a member must first buy an Ad Pack. This is a safety feature which is designed to protect members, meaning that they are still yielding revenue from their Ad Packs while they’re waiting commissions from their Solo Ads. Therefore, revenue is continuously circulating. Each member is only permitted to purchase 3 x Solo Ads per day.

You are only allowed to purchase 50 Ad Packs from each plan per day.

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Referrals program

There is also a good referrals program. If you refer a new member you will be paid $5 per month once your referral signs up and stays subscribed. You’ll also receive commissions when your referral purchases Ad Packs and Solo Ads. You will receive 10% referral commission per each Ad Pack and Solo Ad that your referrals purchase.

Final Verdict

Maybe because this is still new right now it does seem to be a bit fishy. It looks like they were in a hurry to open the business and they have some important things left out or maybe they just released an unfinished product. In one word it does not seem thrustworthy. As for support they have a forum in which there is not one post. There is a Testemonials section of the site which is also empty. On the other hand the website looks better than My Advertising Pays, or My Paying Ads but that is not going to make you any money, right? It can look awful if it can bring some some cash.

So my advice is maybe to wait a little bit before joining this website, even though I don’t recommend these kind of business at all. If you have enough money to risk, it is ok , if not don’t even thinkl about it. It is exactly like betting in sports. You never know when you are going to win or lose.

As for me I earn my money with Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate read my complete review here.




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