Are robots going to kill us before replacing us?

Killer Robot

Talks about A.I. are starting to become louder and louder. Some say that for sure when time comes it will be hell unleashed, and of course some say that we have nothing to fear about. Who is right? Are robots going to kill us? Or they will be out trustworthy helpers? No one knows. But the trends and latest technological discoveries, in my humble opinion will lead to a far greater development of the A.I. . Already robots are taking away jobs from people, but on the other hand the same thing has happen long before in the Industrial Revolution ( 1760-1840 ) .Machines took over work from people but we are still good until this day, but to play devil’s advocate, they were a lot fewer people back then. Now we are almost 7 billion people and if a lot of people can’t work then a lot can’t feed themselves. And this will probably lead to a lot of death and destruction in the world, unfortunately. I foresee in the future that also some jobs that today are very stable to be taken by machines. Jobs like lawyer , factory workers, financial middle-man and a lot other will be gone for sure in the near future.

So what are our fears about AI? That computers will become so smart that they will want to terminate us in order to achieve peace. Classic Terminator scenario, or even I, Robot!  A few years back this scenario was not even in discussion outside of SF groups, but today it’s starting to be taken more seriously by the people who watch how technology is developing.

Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director of Engineering, for example is very optimistic. He says Skynet doesn’t have to become a reality, and if it does, it doesn’t necessarily have to turn against its creators. And from all the voices I think he is one of the qualified people to talk about AI.

Actually I heard something very interesting on JRE podcast about this subject one day and I really wanted to share it with you guys. Joe Rogan said that we should not look at evolution as a bad thing but as he philosophically stated: Maybe we are going to transform like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly, except instead of gaining wings as an individual, we will be “turning ourselves inside out as a species” .

And I find it very fascinating, his idea is interesting and intriguing. Maybe after all we shouldn’t worry about this, maybe the people who are researching this theme know what to do and how to program it.

Constantin Sap

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