ClikDelivery.com – Scam or Legit?



I will be honest with you guys. I can write an article everyday on Revenue Share Websites and I am sure that I will have some years ahead of me. ClikDelivery is another new one, that looks like they will want to hang around for a while but then again who knows. I like the name and the website layout, doesn’t look cheap like others we’ve seen but of course that is not really something that should concern us, what is important is if they will be able to generate income and traffic for your website.

Do you want to make a steady income while you advertise your website? If yes, then you are home at ClikDelivery.com .

PRODUCT NAME: Clik DeliveryClikDelivery.com Logo
Overall Ranking: 30/100
Price: $5/Adpack
Owners: Ilyas Noukaila
Website: https://clikdelivery.com/


What is ClikDelivery.com?

This is another Revenue Sharing Program disguised as an Advertising Platform. Like many other of its kind you have to take many factors into consideration when you decide to advertise your website here and also earn a part of their income.

It was launched on April 27, 2016 and it currently holds 5864 Members which deposited $396,248.08 and withdrawn $13887.98 .


The owner of this website seems to be a guy called Ilyas Noukaila. He is from Morocco and seems to be a very skillful promoter in other similar websites like Traffic Monsoon or My Paying Ads.

This might be a strong point of this website, having a trusted admin. I never heard of the guy but I have researched a bit online and it seems that the man is a good guy.

How do you make money with ClikDelivery.com?

Like all other websites of its kind there are Adpacks to buy and with them you can generate traffic to your website and you will also earn a return of investment. You can earn money also from referring people to Clikdelivery. This will earn you 10% of any Adpacks they purchase.

The pay plans look like this:

1. Plan 1
Price : $5
ROI : 110%
30% Repurchase Rule
Max Purchases 100
50 Business Directory Ads
No Membership

2. Plan 2
Price : $10
ROI : 115%
20% Repurchase Rule
Max Purchases 100
100 Business Directory Ads
No Membership

3. Plan 3
Price : $20
ROI : 120%
10% Repurchase Rule
Max Purchases 100
250 Business Directory Ads
No Membership

4. Plan 4
Price : $40
ROI : 130%
No Repurchase Rule
1000 Business Directory Ads
No Membership

ClikDelivery.com Payplans

No refunds are given due to the digital nature of ClikDelivery products and services. The purchase of Advertising is non-refundable per ClikDelivery.com Terms and Conditions. You are purchasing credits for the use in ClikDelivery.com Directory Ads page. They share the revenue from sales of AdPackages & Advertising Services with all members, and they cannot afford to offer refunds. The moment the payment enters in their system, it is no longer “your” money, and it certainly isn’t “their” money. It belongs 100% to ALL members because ClikDelivery shared those revenue with everybody!


Members Can withdraw $10 minimum – $500 maximum daily.

Payment Processors

Members can use Payza, Perfect money, Payeer and SolidTrustPay. As you can see PayPal is out of the equation after My Paying Ads problem. Also you can expect to pay some fees when you want to withdraw depending on the payment processor used.

clik payment


Final Opinion

I will admit that ClikDelivery looks much better than most of what I’ve reviewed and it is not intended as a scam but I wouldn’t purchase any traffic from this or any website of its kind. I did this before and the traffic was useless. Why would traffic from this one be different?

You also have to understand that this is only my opinion about these kind of websites and if you would like to try them out, you can do it, on your own risk of course. I know they can bring some traffic to you but unfortunately the traffic is useless, because 99% of the people who visit your website just want to surf 10 ads (in our case your website and other websites) and call it a day.

On the other hand if you want to make money and you don’t have much to start then Revenue Sharing Websites might not be suited for you because of the long waiting times until you can build your way to the top and really earn some decent cash.

If you want to make money online you should build your business in a way that will benefit you a longer time or even for all your life, not just for a few months. And making money it’s not going to happen sudden, it takes hard work, time and dedication.

You don’t know where to start? Then maybe you should check my review on Wealthy Affiliate right here.

If you have question or suggestion please feel free to use the comment section below.


Constantin Sap


  1. Hi Constantin,
    Thanks for the review. I was actually wondering if this is a trustworthy site. Reading your article revealed to me that they are just coming on the scene. You’re right, I will pass this one and check some other source for my traffic.
    Thanks again

  2. Hey Constantin

    Thanks for sharing an honest review of ClickDelivery.

    I wish I could speak so kindly about revshares, but every corner I turn, I see the big guns like Traffic Monsoon and My Advertising Pays spinning all kinds of stories to try and make revshare appear like a legitimate opportunity to make money online.

    There is a reason that Mike Deese (MAPS) Closed the doors on US residents and Charles Scoville (TM) shifted his accounts and setup shop from Dubai… And I’ll tell you in my opinion that it is not because it was best for the companies… They simply had no choice.

    PayPal freezing accounts is also a common thing with these systems and I respect PayPal for doing this. They are just trying to keep things legit.

    Anyway, that’s my little rant, and I can agree with you, the traffic is useless.

    Besides the traffic, the ‘investment’ is massive and just as bigger risk. Once I found Wealthy Affiliate and understood the process of making money online, this all became clear to me.

    Glad to see you are recommending WA. Only wish I had found them 10 years ago when I first started out online… It would have saved me a lot of wasted time and money.


    Marc Parsons

    • Hello Marc. Your comment is a great addition to all my reviews. I can’t do anything but respect your opinion and agree with it. One thing is clear, making money with revshare websites is dangerous.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my website.

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