Earn money with Instagram

make money with instagram

As I stated before in other posts of mine I am trying my best to make money online and at the same time to share it with you. I am sure many of my posts are interesting and that they have helped you in the past and will help you also in the future.

I have discovered a method of making money with Instagram and I will share it with you also. You can make up to $100/day

As I already said, here is a nice post containing a good guide ( I think ) about making money easily from instagram and any mobile offers network ( I am using OGads but you can use another )


Everybody knows how to register on it, if not please learn.

  • So here is the content of this guide :
  • Tools And Requirements
  • Some Tips And work plan
  • Overview


Tools And Requirements

Alright, now all you actually need is no more than one maybe two Instagram accounts. In time you can use more to scale it up. I know it can be done.

Preferably use aged Instagram accounts, as they are safer than the new accounts. When first creating a new account, and let’s say that we are using The Beauty Products niche, try to use the niche name in the account name. Try to choose an easy name to be simple for your followers to remember you.

Be careful when selecting the profile picture because this is also very important. Look for something unique and high quality.

As for content don’t start immediately with offers. Try to give real and legit tips, try to help people and followers will come and stay with you. Just be informative and remember to post regularly.

Now , we have prepared the account(s) and they are ready to grow. Remember nothing is easy and you can try to do it manually but there are many bots who make our lives easier (but not 100% necessary as you can work without it ).

The bot many people use is called Gramdominator. Might be the best tool ever to use on instagram and it is only about $5/month. I think this is a better option then to try it manually, but you are free to choose your way. Please understand that I am not selling this bot or anything else here , just the idea. But if you decide to use the bot and want to make it work 24/7 then make sure you can have a VPN and let it work even when your computer is turned off.

If you need a VPN and you don’t know where to get one maybe you can head to amazon and get 1 year free VPN from them.


Tips to improve your Instagram earnings

  • Find other accounts in your same niche and follow their followers  but skip those who look spammy !
  • Don’t Follow more than 450-500 in a day
  • Unfollow after 3-4 days to make your account look more legit
  • In order to find high payout offers , try dating,and health niches!
  • Its better to get a paid domain and make it redirect to your offer link
  • Don’t post links until you get 100+ Likes in every pic you post and some comments! The more you got the better results you will get
  • Try to find email submit offer as they convert more and better


All you need to do is follow interested people and they will follow you back. Do that for a while and remember to post everyday between 2 and 6 pictures. Using The Gramdominator makes it a lot easier to find users to follow and choose the real one and not fake profiles. And after getting some good engagement , then start posting your links and you will see results in the first day.

Final Verdict

Well this is definitely not a scam and it is working 100%. All you need to do is work and then results will come. People are expecting stuff to drop out of the sky but this is not possible in real life then why it will be possible in the online world.

You can start with no money and build it up but it is much faster when you are willing and able to pay a few bucks for bot or domain. As for how much money you can make, sky is the limit.

So you may have heard this method before but still I wanted to be also shared by me. In case you have more questions don’t hesitate to use the comment section below or send me an email.

If you are willing to work in order to make money online then I will tel you that nothing can stop you. And as the good ol’ saying says: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” you might want to check my main source of knwoledge. It is an online university called Wealthy Affiliate.

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