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Hey reader of this spectacular blog, I have good news today. I will start posting articles about how you can improve you life, basically how can you leave your boring old job and start fresh.

First I just want to tell you some things about what is going on. There are today over 2 billion people using the internet and many more are joining each day. That means that this virtual world is growing and growing and that we need to take advantage of it. Even if you think that everything is already said and done, I beg to differ. There is still a lot to do and a lot to improve over the internet. I feel obliged to tell you again that I am not any kind of specialist and that what I write here are just personal opinions and stuff that I thoroughly researched in the last year.

We will start this journey together and we will learn together all the things that I’ve researched.

Before I will continue I would like to emphasize a few things:

(1) You can achieve success. There are so many people online that no matter in what direction you want to go there will always be someone like-minded, a large group of people who you can connect with. What does has to do with anything you may ask. We will talk later about this and then you will surely understand.

(2) You don’t need experience if you are ready to learn. If you have experience is for the better, but no one is born educated so that means all we know was learned. And in order to achieve your goals you have to work hard and learn. Are you willing to do this, then you will succeed.

(3) Success is not an event. Success is cumulative. Everything you do now  will contribute towards your personal success in the future. Be patient.

Great, now let’s begin with the stuff that you are interested in. How can I make money online, how can I earn money from home ? Don’t be fooled that it will be easy and that you will work 5 minutes a day and make millions. We will learn mostly about internet marketing. Even though there are many ways of making money online, I found that internet marketing is one good way of making money without needing a lot of knowledge. Sure there are a lot of problems to be solved but that is what I will try to explain.


These four steps you will have to follow in order to make money from home:

(1). Choose an idea, an interest, something you will gladly work at.

(2). Build your website(s).

(3). Get rankings. Generate traffic.

(4). Earn money.

Looks pretty easy doesn’t it? Well because it is. You will just need some basic knowledge that you will get from me in the following posts. I will elaborate more soon so please stay tuned.


Constantin Sap

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