How much did I earn from stock Photography on iStock – Update April 2016

Make money with istock

A few months back, probably in the middle of December 2015 I decided to write an article about how much money I made online selling stock photography. I did that mainly because when I tried to find some information from other people I could only find scattered information. Now I decided to update the article.

iStock is the only place I sell my pictures online. I tried a few others but I honestly don’t have time to upload pictures on more than one. iStock is a company owned by Getty Images which should give you a bit of trust. It is one of the best places to sell your pictures even though there are other big players out there like Shutterstock or BigStock. But I choose iStock because it is very simple to sign in and they are not very picky. You just have to follow some basic rules.

Back then in the previous article I told you that I managed to earn about $14 with 231 pictures. Times changed a little bit and I didn’t invest as much time as before so at this moment I have 287 pictures for sale. So as you can see I haven’t struggled at all and just uploaded a little over 50 pictures in the last 4 months.

Make money with iStock

As for money, because that’s why you are here, I made $26,85. Remember that this is all passive income. Once you’ve uploaded, job is done. Sit back, relax and enjoy the cash.

Are these money enough for anything? Of course not. I just like the idea of earning a passive income and to be honest I take pictures anyway. Why shouldn’t I upload some and take advantage of the internet?

If you click this link you can see my portfolio. You can compare my pictures with yours and see that I am not an expert at all , and that even my pictures are ordinary at most.

Clicking the link and then my iStock profile it will show that I’ve sold only 4 pictures which is not really true. That is only one more than the last time and it is only valid for pictures you sell directly and not from Credit or Image Subscriptions, Extended Licenses or Partner Programs.

So basically I earn $0,28 for every picture I sell and I made maybe around $20 with this. The rest is made with the 4 regular downloads for which I got between $1,01 and $1,80. I know that when customers download directly from iStock everyone gets more money. But everyone wants cheaper and better.

I am not writing a full review of iStock here I am just letting you know how much can you do with little to no work. Working hard pays off I am willing to bet on that, but at this moment I can’t prove it be cause I have a full-time job and photography is only one of my hobbies. I sometimes have the feeling that I chase to many rabbits and I won’t be able to catch any of them.

If you like to take pictures, even with your phone then go ahead and try to take advantage of the times we live in and join a stock photo selling agency. It doesn’t have to be iStock, you can choose any of them, usually the pay is about the same.

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I would be very happy if you would ask some questions about iStock or photography. For that you can use the comment section below and while you are at it, you can also check my website for more interesting subjects.

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