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Gotta say you can find a lot of articles in Internet about on how to make money on the Internet. I read a lot of those, but the big majority are bullshit or scams. One of those articles was about making money shooting Stock Photography. Yeah stock. WTF is stock photography? You don’t know? Well I am sure you do by now. It’s been awhile since stock photography is around, and if you don’t this is not the place to teach you.

Now… as I was saying … I decided to start selling stock. Seemed easy: Buy camera, shoot, upload, get paid… on paper it sounds great, in reality is just like any other job son, you have to work hard  at it.

I am not saying you can’t make money out of it, yes it can be done, but I have my doubts it can be done fast. I think it is a long process which involves a lot of work, skill and dedication.

Can it be done without skill? My answer is yes, but you have to compensate that with hard work and many many hours.

I actually wanted to share some information because I wanted to know what is behind the curtains and unfortunately I could only find about 3 guys that shared their real numbers. One of them only uploaded 8 pictures and he was expecting millions… forget it son. And it’s hard to guess if you would be successful or not, you have to compare yourself with more people , more beginners , more guys at the beginning of their journey not with those pro guys that are selling for over 7 or 8 years. Pros just show us it can be done.

So, I bought myself a camera, I start shooting and learning, and in one months time I’ve tried my luck with some agencies. Three, to be precise: shutterstock.com , istock.com and dreamstime.com .

Shutterstock.com – I think it’s the No.1 agency these days. You need to show them 10 of your best pictures in order to be accepted. I wasn’t good enough at that time so they denied my application and encouraged me to try again at a later date.

dreamstime.com – No trial work. You just have to upload your work and they will decide which picture is good and which is not.

iStock.com  –  Here they want only 3 picture to evaluate your potential. I got lucky and I started immediately to upload pictures.

And I decided to stick with iStock. That was happening in March 2015. Since then I uploaded 231 pictures , mostly nature, which is not a number one subject for stock. Adding the fact that I just suck in photography and that I just learned everything myself from YouTube and online free materials, and that I didn’t work hard at all, is a recipe for disaster.

Black on white I will write down the huge amount I won in 9 months: 14,05 USD. Yes, 14 dollars. But more will come. How much I don’t know. Is it worth it? Hell no. And considering how much I paid for the camera and for adobe products and my time . But, I am actually building something, so I have a base now that I can use to develop this in case I decide to allocate more time. This can be done , and money can be made. In my account it shows that I sold only 3 pictures. I sold much more but they don’t count as regular downloads, but as Image subscriptions or sold through Partner Programs and received only 0.28 $ for each.


I will update this from time to time.

If you love photography do it. Why not? If you are looking for quick money, forget it.

Do you have questions? If you do please ask them. In order to have an idea of how my portfolio looks like, and how i became richer with 14 dollars , I will post a link below .




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