How Much Money Youtubers Make – Real Numbers

Lately I’ve been stumbling upon this subject more and more on Youtube. It looks like it is a new trend to show your real Youtube income for views. We all know that there are maybe thousands of videos with this title on Youtube but 99% of them are just click bait.

But lately some small youtubers are starting to show us the real numbers behind their Youtube accounts. I think this is a good thing because this helps other people to see of Youtube is the way to go or not.

I am sure many of you have thought about starting a Youtube channel but all you could hear about how much you can make was only a fairy tale. Now it is all out there if you are willing to search for it.


One video that became very popular lately is called “I Show How Much YouTube Pays Me ($24,000)” from Vexxed. This guy explains us how he made in the second half of 2016 around $24k and he didn’t even had too many videos and around 150k subscribers at that time. Meanwhile he reached well over 300k. In his video you can also see that consistency is not necessarily the key of a successful video but quality content is. Also you can expect a big fluctuation in your earnings, from a few bucks a month to a few thousands.

What is also interesting is that this Vexxed guy published his video on 2nd November 2016. Now in January he published another video about making money on Youtube where he shows us that he earned about $6k only in from his “I Show How Much YouTube Pays Me ($24,000)” in only 2 months. That counts for 3,4 million views in only 2 months.


Another good example of showing us how much money you can make on Youtube with proof is delivered by TechDaily channel. Wade is showing us how he makes on average $300/Month and he is also giving us some tips about his ways and methods on how to cut costs if you want to run a Tech channel.

His video “Let’s Talk About Youtube Money – How Much Do I Make?” is not yet very popular on Youtube at the moment having only around 7k views but it should be in my honest opinion. He explains everything loud and clear with images directly from his Youtube Analytics Account.

TechDaily earned in 2016 $3657,21. Which is not bad for a small channel like his with only around 9k subscribers. Wade still has a day job and his youtube channel is his passion. This way he manages to earn a few bucks on the side and do what he likes in his free time.


Another channel that let’s us sneak peak into his Youtube Analytics Account is EEVblog. This channel is run by Australian engineer Dave Jones. This is an older channel with around 400k subscribers unlike others I presented before. He made in 2016 $40756,70 which is a good amount. Dave is a full time Youtuber.

Nick’s Strength and Power

Nick is another guy that shares his income on Youtube. He is also a small channel with around 14k subscribers. He posts constantly videos and some of them even went viral. He makes around $1100 a year. I am sure that his channel is only his hobby.


You may also wonder how much do I make from Youtube? I have not focused myself a lot on Youtube and I am also a beginner so I have only earned a few cents thus far.


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