How to earn a passive income with IFTTT.

Have you heard about IFTTT? No? Well now you did. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”It is a web service that allows you to automate a huge array of things on the internet by using “if statements”. If statements are used in programming but IFTTT makes it accessible to everyone.


As you can see in this image above IFTTT lets you different web services together. Whether on the web or with or with apps on iOS or android, it can handle almost anything on the web. From Facebook to Twitter or from Gmail to Pinterest or other way around. When you connect two services together IFTTT will allow you to post content from one platform to another. IFTTT is very easy to use. Just sign up and they will lead you smoothly thru the process of making your first recipe or getting one that is already made by someone else.

But here comes the interesting part. I use it to generate passive income. Autoblogging. Courteney to Mr. Miller from TrueMiller.com , I learned that you can make a connection between Reddit and your blog. I recommend a blog From WordPress rather than Blogger, but both work just fine.

Once you’ve done the recipe you will have an automated blog which you can monetize with some ads. It won’t be much but it will do. It will worth your time. You will practically receive money doing something else.

If you want to see how it is done click here .You will also find more information about how you can make money online.

Constantin Sap


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