Instasite Wizard – Is It Worth Buying?

I was one day browsing for new products on Clickbank when I stumbled on something interesting. This Plugin looks very interesting and promising at first glance, but does this really do what is supposed to do? I think it does indeed what it suppose to do but I also think in my opinion that is advertised wrong.

If you are a beginner in Internet Marketing and you wish to build your websites around amazon then you might consider Instasite Wizard, but not for what it is advertised. Well the owner claims that this tool is a powerful Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin that allows you to create Amazon Affiliates Sites in 45 seconds or less.

PRODUCT NAME: Instasite Wizard
Overall Ranking: 75/100
Price: 1 Site $37 – unlimited sites $97
Owners: N/A
Website: http://www.superazonaffiliate.com/

But is it? I would say NO. And if you ask why not I will tell you why in a second.

But first let’s see what does this plugin do.

What is Instasite Wizard?

Instasite Wizard is a plugin specially made for creating amazon affiliate websites in WordPress. They claim that all you need is 45 seconds to create an amazon affiliate wordpress website with this tool. This is not quite the right way to explain what is Instasite Wizard.


How does Instasite Wizard work?

1.Select a product from amazon

Instasite Wizard

First of all you need to think about the product you want to sell on your website. There are millions and millions of products to choose from and each of them will generate an affiliate commission for you when you send a buyer to Amazon through your affiliate link.

Let’s choose this product – the Sphero Droid from the new Star Wars movie.




2.Copy the product’s ASIN number

Instasite Wizard

The ASIN is a unique number Amazon uses to identify each product they sell. You’ll find the ASIN in the Product Information section of the product listing. Simply locate this number and copy it to your clipboard. They’ll use it to pull the product information into InstaSite Wizard.




3.Paste the ASIN into Instasite Wizard

Instasite Wizard

Once you have the ASIN simply paste it into the ASIN space inside of the InstaSite Wizard form. This is the only piece of information you need for InstaSite Wizard to perform its magic!




4.Click the Lookup Product button

Instasite Wizard

Click the Lookup Product button and in less than 10 seconds InstaSite Wizard will pull in all the important information about the product including:

  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Product Features
  • List Price
  • Images



5.Choose the Images you would like to use

Instasite Wizard

Don’t like the default image? You can change it! Most products have more than one image. Choosing the one you want to use is as simple as clicking it from the available images and – Voila! It will become your new default image.





  • Looks like a good way to monetize your website
  • It is very easy to use
  • It offer a bonus Super Amazon Affiliate
  • Also as bonus you receive Turnkey Websites


  • It is expensive
  • Owner unknown
  • The fact that you can’t download it like all plugins from WordPress is a big question mark for me
  • You can only acquire if you pay first and then you receive a download link
  • No Testimonials
  • No Trial Period

Instasite WIzard Price



Now let’s go back to what I’ve said before about why do I think it is wrong advertised.

Unfortunately this may trick a lot of newbies because you can’t actually build a website only based on amazon products. Amazon will not allow you to build a website and only advertise products from them without any content at all. Sure if you have already an amazon affiliates account that is a different story.

But I honestly don’t recommend this plugin at all. I smell scam. I might be wrong but usually I am not. I kept on trying to find more info about this and nothing real comes up.

I know you want to make money online, I know because this is the future, and we are getting smarter with our choices and most of us are not willing to make sacrifices or compromises to work for the man anymore.

If you’ve never heard of Wealthy Affiliate then you should check my review here.

With WA you can learn how to build your online business from scratch. You just need basic computer knowledge.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn to build your online business from A to Z. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. You should give it a try.

If you have questions or suggestions I urge you to use the comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts about this plug or even about anything you think its worth saying. Have a great day!



Constantin Sap


  1. Definitely seems that newer online entrepreneurs should stay away from using this plugin. I already don’t like the fact that the plugin’s owner is unknown and I would agree with you 100% there that you can’t build a new website by just selling Amazon products, as they won’t let you. In order for those to succeed, they need to build trust and relationships with people by providing good quality content like you have shared in this review of instasite wizard. Plus the price point is too high just like you say. I would think you could do something much better than that for free anyways. Thanks for sharing this insightful review.

    • Yes Chris, there is not much information out there about this plugin. There are some big question marks with Instasite Wizard and I might not highlited all of them. But first it is expensive and no trial period. At least they could give you some trial period and then you can decide if you want to pay $97. I know that there are many other ways to make money online. You just need the proper guidance.
      Thank you for stopping by Chris!

  2. Definitely looks dodgy – why buy a plug-in when you can have a free Amazon affiliate account that lets you do the same thing more easily and with more control? Thanks for the heads up. Wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon closes them down…

    • Yes, anything is possible. I might find it useful if just use as a plugin for your already established website but other than that I don’t see any uses for it. And the fact that it is so expensive and that there is no trial period makes it real useless.

  3. Hi Constantin ,

    This is a very interesting and compelling review you have written. I think if I was thinking of buying into this plugin I would have been fooled, so it’s good you have taken the lid off this. I would not consider this plugin now and save myself the heartache.

    Now I can look at wealthy affiliate as you have suggestd.


    • Your welcome Carl. Everyone is free to do what they want, I just want to share with you guys my opinion on these things. I might be wrong, but until proven I think this is just a scam.

  4. Very informative article mate.

    This plugin seems to be quite easy to use. However based on your research, it also sounds like a very dubious and overly expensive plugin.

    From what I can gather, as an Amazon affiliate, you get the same thing.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    • Hello Andrew! Thank you for taking the time to leave a message. It is quite easy to use Amazon’s tools indeed. I wish that you will succeed in whatever you are intending to do!

  5. Thanks for the excellent information. I am about to embark in the near future to be an Amazon affiliate. This information will be very useful as I begin this affiliation. I will be cautious with this site.

  6. This is very useful information as I will be soon become an Amazon affiliate marketer. Thanks for the warning.

    • You are most welcome David. I hope that joining amazon will bring you the same satisfaction as it brought me.
      Have a great day!

  7. I wasn’t aware of this “plugin”. Thank you for sharing your review.

    It’s a shame because I think it could easily be very appealing to newbies who don’t know much about online scams and who are looking to make extra money online, but it’s weird that there’s very little information on what you’re actually paying for. This rings alarms bells for me. I think if a company expects you to pay there should be more information about the product, or at least a free trial.

    I’ll definitely be keeping my distance from this.

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