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Update: Mai 2016

Like I was anticipating this website is not live anymore and the business failed like it will happen with many others.

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Lately I’ve seen a boom in this kind of online businesses. There are so many that you don’t know with which one you want to start. It is true that these days more and more people are looking to earn money online, and that is when this kind of revenue sharing sites comes into play. A lot of reviewers are very fast in calling them all scams. But are they all scams? I don’t think it’s the case but in reality the business model is not sustainable. True that with each and every new revenue share site they are improving their methods but in the end they all have failed.


  • PRODUCT NAME: TrafficNCash
  • Overall Ranking: 50 / 100
  • Price: Starting at 25$/Adpack plus 10$/month Membership
  • Owners: TNC&JGD Marketing Group
  • Website: www.trafficncash.com


TrafficNCash Explained

This is kind of new, they started in October 2015 and at the moment of this review they have around 15k members. They are claiming that they are not an investment site, HYIP, MLM, Matrix, Cycler Currency Exchange Or securities site. But imo looks like one but disguised as an Online Revenue Sharing Advertising Platform. You know, like bath salts. They also claim that their primary product service is Business Directory Listing Ad Packs. And other products & services are Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads etc.

Now, what is a revenue share program?

A revenue sharing Advertising platform is a program that uses now the already classic products known as AdPacks, Share, Business Unit or Position. These products are purchased for a value (100%) in our case 25$ and return you a matured value for example (120%) in our case 30$.

Also along with this purchase you also receive a 50 ads credits that are used to place your own advertising on their site in order to generate traffic. This is known as a “Traffic Exchange” with Revenue Sharing.

I tried that on more site of this kind and I can assure you that the traffic you will get is worthless. That of course if you thought maybe you can at least get something good out of it.

Make money with TrafficNCash


As I said before these kind of sites are getting better and I will show you how. First of all instead of the classic model in which you had to surf 10 ads each day to get revenue they are only asking for 6. That is a nice change, even though 10 ads wasn’t that much anyway. Each member can only hold 3000 Adpacks at once. They way they set up the system looks like it should work for a while. How long? No one knows of course but the 85% of the amount invested goes to revenue sharing plan and 5% to the admin and 10% goes to you for your commission. This way they should be able to keep the site running much more than the other sites like this one.

You receive revenue every 30 minutes when they generate income. If they don’t generate income even you have surfed your 6 ads you will still get nothing that day.

There is of course also a referral program which recompense you with 40% of their 10$ monthly membership fee. So in case you can bring 50 people you will earn 200$ a month only from them. And a 10% from how many Adpacks they buy. Not bad I would say.

As a positive point they do accept Paypal, Payza or Solid trust Pay. Minimum withdraws is set at 30$ and at 350$ a day. Members must purchase at least 1 AdPack before they can request for a withdrawal.

It doesn’t sound good that I haven’t found anything about the owners of this site. But if you are willing to risk your money this is the place where you should. From my experience though I can tell you that is it possible to make money with these kind of sites. But it is very risky as no one knows how much they will be around. And if you want to really make money you need to start with a consistent amount of money. If you start with the minimum required amount you will likely lose. It is only logic that in the short amount of time they are online you need to take advantage of every minute available.


So in conclusion I would stay away from this site even if it might bring some money and I would go for a legit business model like Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise to make you a millionaire but it can help you to become one. You can read my review about Wealthy Affiliate here.





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