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what-is-wealthy-affiliate-a-300x183PRODUCT NAME : Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 98/100
Price: $0 for starter membership – Create your account now
Owners: Kyle and Carson


I am sure that in your searches for a good and legit way of making money online you have seen the name Wealthy Affiliate. That is for a good reason. Not because anyone is spamming the internet with it , but just because it might be or maybe even it is the best way to teach you how YOU can make money online from the comfort of your home. Maybe you are wondering if WA is a scam , or maybe you are not sure if you would like to join. I can tell you that you should give it a try. You don’t have to worry about anything because it is really free, no credit card required.

My name is Constantin and I knew what I wanted, I wanted to quit my job and start earning money from home, make my own schedule , be my own boss and provide for my family. After I tried a lot of “get rich quick” websites out there, I realized that there is no such thing. All you do is waste your hard-working money and time. Time that can be used to learn what about a real way of making money, to build a stable business which can allow you to earn money even when you sleep.

Joining WA can be a real game changer for you. You just need to stay focus, disciplined and to have the will to succeed. The rest you can find at WA. The community is great and helpful, very interactive and no matter where you are in the world you will find the answers you are looking for because there are always a lot of member online ready to give you a hand.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the hype?

Yes it does! I am sure it crossed your mind that WA might be a scam, but it is not the case. All WA does , is trying to learn its members to start building their own online business from zero. You can find anything that crosses your mind at WA. Courses  range from teaching complete beginners to start their own niche marketing website, to training more advanced or existing business owners in order to grow their existing business.

It is cool that at WA you can make a profit from your hobby or from your passion not from a pre-selected “profitable” niches. When you start building your business from your personal interests it makes all more enjoyable and you will have more chances of success.

You can call WA a product , but actually it is more than that. It is a real community, where people interact and help each other to achieve success. WA it is not only some downloadable guides, books or video training courses, it is basically an online business entrepreneurs university. They provide all the tool necessary for anyone seeking out online income.

Kyle & Carson, the owners of WA, are very active in the community and they care about their members , helping out whenever they can ( and that is very often). One thing about online marketing is that it is evolving very fast and what was right last year might not be right today. But Kyle & Carson are always on top of their game and they upgrade their courses constantly. I am sure now that there is no other online marketing product like this online offering this kind of support.

If you are not in the right mood to read all I will try to explain WA in short:

… it is like a University, like social media for online marketing people, where they are learning and helping each other to create websites that earn money

… it is a great platform filled with video trainings that teaches you step by step how to start and conduct an online business

… filled with nice people from all over the world

… it is an established online business being around since 2005


How do I make money with WA?

(1) Choose an Interest. Let’s say you like outdoor gear. You should build your business on that.

(2) Build a Website. You then build a website based on your interest with WA help.

(3) Get Ranking & visitors. WA then teaches you how to get more visitors to your website.

(4) Earn Revenue.Having traffic to your website brings money.


PROS and cons

PROS: $0 Membership fee: IT’S FREE!

-Joining  WA is free

-No experience is necessary

-Access to Video courses, tutorials and training are free plus much more when you go Premium

-Access to Interactive Classrooms free plus much more when you go Premium

-Access to Certification Courses for free plus much more when you go Premium

-Access to Live Video Classes for free plus much more when you go Premium

-Up to date content. WA never falls behind the trends

-Thousands of community members to connect with at any given time

-Live 24/7 Real Person Help

-Unlimited access to the WA Keyword Tool for premium members (Same database as Jaaxy (the paid keyword tool) but with limited features

-Access to Industry Experts

-A nice, spam free environment

-Not a get rich quick scheme

-You have access to 2 free domain names provided for free

-You have access to 2 free websites including state of the art hosting


-Chat can be at time confusing, because too many people are online at the same time

-Information can be overwhelming in the beginning. Just follow the courses and you will be fine


Pretty much WA is for everyone and anyone. Ranging from people who want the freedom to earn their money, to people who hate their job or haven’t found their purpose in life yet, to unemployed, to people who just want an extra income, to highschool drop-outs, people with college or without, basically EVERYONE that is willing to invest in themselves.


I, as I am sure probably everyone else have started as a free member to check things out, to see if it worth paying for it. And I can definitely say that was one of my best choices. When you join for free there is no credit card required. You join, check things out and I bet you will be amazed and convinced to at least join for one month for only 19$. Why only 19$? Because it is a bonus you get from me if you join Premium in the first 7 days.

Once again I need to say that the support is great and you can in fact contact the owners in person , and they can give you advice or direction when you feel stuck. You don’t have to worry about being scammed anymore. Do your thing and get paid.

Do I have to pay?


You don’t have to pay anything. You can be a free member all your life. You won’t have access to all the resources, but you will learn how to set up your new website or blog and monetize it, and also you will receive 2 websites that you can use for this first step by step training.

If you decide to upgrade the monthly fee is only 47$ ( Yearly 359$ which is 29,92$, 205$ discount). You can stop your membership at any given time. You can be a Wealthy Affiliate member for a month, for 2 months or for whatever you feel is necessary in order to achieve your goals.



The Premium Membership includes: 

Unlimited support

Unlimited Free Websites

Free Hosting

Access to all the training

Live Weekly WAbinars

Full Access to Keyword Tool

Higher earning for WA affiliates

Now, if you are a complete newb, then you will not realize in the beginning what a great offer this is. But if you have an idea about internet marketing then you will see that the price is really low for what WA offers in return.


Still not convinced? I will give you the chance to see what people who are already members have to say about Wealthy Affiliate here.





Don’t waste your time anymore. Join now and get my bonus, which is 19$ for the first month, if you join Premium in the first 7 days. Do something good for you and learn how to become a successful story. No matter what I say you can still join for free and if you decide that this is not for you then you don’t have to pay anything. If you have questions please use the comment section below. I am very curios about your feedback.




  1. Hi Constantin

    Very good review and you made a lot of good points that I think would
    help people decide to take the step with WA. Your honest approach is
    good to see and I like how you detailed membership features. Well done!

    Thanks and I wish you the best

    • Thank you very much for the observations. I really tried to explain people that this is honestly the best opportunity they can find online to start building a future. I really hope people will try WA for free and decide for themselves.

      Have a good day!

  2. Hi Constantin,

    Great review and i really enjoyed it. I am in a dilemma that there are other programs available that offers affiliate marketing training at a lower price, so why we go for wealthy affiliate that are on a higher side in terms of price.

    I am looking for your quick response. Thanks

    • Hello Khan! Shouldn’t be on a higher side. When one decides to pay yearly it is only $29 a month. And I am not saying that other available programs out there are bad, but I belive Wealthy Affiliate is if not the best one of the best. And trust me, if it’s cheap, most likely it’s not worth the money and the time. What is really worth at WA is also the great community and the fact that not only one person helps you achieve your goals but many others jump in when you are stuck. You should alo take in consideration that there is a free trial and also you can stay as a free member as long as you like, even though I don’t recommend it. I know some people that only use the basic training which is available for free.
      If you have other questions I will be gladly answer them. Have a great time Khan!

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