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Hello dear readers. I sadly have to report that for me the adventure called My Paying Ads is over. After they had the big Paypal problem they advised people to try to dispute in PayPal in order to get the money back. If you’ve read this post then you already know that I also spend some money on this website in order to get rick quick.

I will post now the latest message from the Admin of My Paying Ads. If you are interested or if you want to know what is going on with MPA next and you don’t have an account you can read here;


Dear Members,

Our programmers are busy in migrating our complex database to brand new and robust format. They are also testing our new pay plan and hence we can’t disclose this with you until it’s fully tested.

Meanwhile, we request all current paid members (members who bought adpacks by adding funds through payment processor) to send us some information in following format. This information will help us to migrate your account immediately and test it before the restart. Please pass this message to all of your referrals and any other members you know.

***Information sent in any other format will not be looked in to.***

***Account ID Number are the numbers which can be found in your referral link***

For Example:

Account ID Number: 12345
Payment Processor: PayPal/Payza/STP/PM/Bitcoin
Total Deposit: $2000
Total Withdrawn: $1000

Please send all this information as soon as possible (preferably before Sunday, 21st Feb 2016) to mypayingads.news@gmail.com

For any member who have disputed will have zero balance, zero referrals and also the members who have withdrawn up to their total deposit money (or more) will also have zero balance in the new pay plan and hence they do not need to send the above information.

Looking forward to get the above information soon. Thanks.

Admin Team, MPA


Update (18th Feb 2016):

Dear All, A quick update for the members regarding our on going progress towards restart. Script writers are working with due diligence and have completed over 50% coding. They are in the middle of migrating our complex database to totally new and robust format. We are confident and excited to share our new sustainable pay plan with our members soon.

We look at PayPal review as an opportunity to learn and improve our services for you. In meanwhile we will request all of you to setup Payza, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay or Bitcoin processors so that you are all ready to start your journey again. Currently these are the payment processors which will be available to you but we are working to add few more in near future.

We will take this opportunity to thank all MyPayingAds members for being very supportive, patient and understandable.

Many Thanks

Kind Regards
Admin Team, MPA



No more MPA - My Paying Ads

I want also to share with you what I did since all this mess started.

I am not really a gambler so I started slow with 50$. Actually all I purchased are 50$ worth of AdPacks. I haven’t managed to get anything out so when I heard that PayPal had their account frozen I thought that I lost all my money. It wasn’t the case, because they promised a restart but I didn’t want to take part anymore. After all I was able to recover only 30$ from them.

All I did was getting into my PayPal account and disputed the money I paid at MPA. I choose as a reason that they didn’t deliver the promised product and then waited. It took about 2 weeks when I got my answer and my money.

I don’t think that I was able to get all my money back in any shape or form so I opted for the partial return. I lost 20$ but I’ve learned a valuable lesson, that there is no such thing as get rich quick schemes. I also learned that if you want to make money you have to work hard. In a way I am glad it happened because I was able to find Wealthy Affiliate and I started my journey online.

To be honest I don’t think that the owner of MPA wanted to be a scammer. I don’t think that he did this website to steal money from innocent people. I am sure he had good intentions but I think he just choose the wrong way. He could very well spend his time and resources doing something else and I am sure that he would have been successful.

His cards castle is now history and he will have to build it all over again. I wish him luck even though I will not take part and also tell anyone that this is kind of business is not recommended.

I know you want to make money online, I know because this is the future, and we are getting smarter with our choices and most of us are not willing to make sacrifices or compromises to work for the man anymore.

If you’ve never heard of Wealthy Affiliate then you should check my review here.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn to build your online business from A to Z. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. You should give it a try.


If you have any other question or even suggestion I would like you to use the comment section below. I want you to promise me that IF you have any doubts or if you simply want to know more to contact me. Thank you and have a great day!


Constantin Sap


  1. Hi Constantin.
    I enjoyed reading your article with great interest. It is written clearly and to the point. And interestingly, how many people look for get rich quick schemes. Amazing, isn’t. You have certainly made a good point about these scams. More people should read your website and learn from it. Luckily, you didn’t lose a great deal of money. And as you said, it was a learning experience. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Rik. Yeah, unfortunately like many others I thought for a while that you can trust all these people who tell you that you will be rich quick. Now I know better and I have a learned a lot from Wealthy Affiliate. I hope my readers will understand and learn from my past experiences.

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