My thoughts on Android vs Windows Phone 8.1

     I recently switched back to Android buying a Samsung Galaxy S6 after 2 years of Windows Phone 8.1 which was a Nokia Lumia 920 and I want to share with you my thoughts on the differences between these 2 top smartphones platforms.

Please note that I am no professional reviewer and I do this only because I enjoy it and I am a fan of tech.

I will begin with WP and let you know what I liked about it. First of all I am a big fan of podcasts and I found that in WP there is a really nice built-in app for podcasts that works great. You just have to set things up and it will do the work itself (deleting old and downloading new) and more important no commercials . As for music there are also some good choices but I rather hear a podcast instead. 

Navigation is also a strong point for WP because of Nokia’s Here Maps. Yes , I know it’s not as accurate as Google Maps but the fact that you can use it offline it was a great deal for me. Why? Because I live in middle of Europe and because I am very close to other countries, it happens pretty often to lose phone signal or switch to roaming and in that case an offline Navigation app is right. And then there is also reliability.

I can say imo that WP is better at this than android. I pretty much had some reliability problems with android on a 700 € phone but nothing serious of course. I just had to reset the phone a few times in order to have everything in the right place.

As for apps there is not as bad as everyone thinks. WP store has pretty much everything that a normal person will need from a smartphone and no more.

On the other hand android has anything you need and you don’t in Play Store. Until now I couldn’t find a better player than the one in WP ( i use free version of doubleTwist on android ,everything seems so complicated and heavy and full with useless settings you will never use anyway).

For me , general look is modern in android, you can customize almost everything, which is not always a good thing and you can enjoy every app, game or feature that is available in mobile phones world.

In other words android has a lot of strengths and it’s definitely worth using.So if don’t want to invest a lot of money in a device but you like to enjoy mobility then WP is for you. But if you are willing to pay as much as possible for a device and enjoy all the customisations and versatility available then android is for you.

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Constantin Sap

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