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In this day and age a lot of people are turning their attention to the online world. What I mean by that is that instead of just surfing useless websites and social media some of you will start thinking about taking advantage of the online world and make some money on the way.

This is not a new concept, because some of you have already made money since the beginning of the internet but indeed today it becomes more and more popular. Even though there are many ways to make money online owning a website can drastically improve your chances to earn revenue.

When I started I was very very confused even with the simplest things and even though now I am still confused with some parts of the internet marketing at least I can build my own websites and monetize them.

Before owning a website you need to buy a domain and then hosting. Then comes in the question; Where should you buy a domain from?

There are a few solid options out there and among many NameCheap or GoDaddy rise above.

So which one is good for you and why?

Before buying I’ve made some thorough research about what do I want from a domain provider. I think the most important aspects are quality and price, but also user experience, extras and upsells.


They both offer good quality and offer a large extras of option. Here there is no clear winner, you can go with any of them.


Like almost all online business domain name providers are well-known for having intro prices and for the second year to raise prices. It is hard to determine prices exactly because they differ so much based on the actual name, but we can try to have an idea looking at the .com domains.

We find that NameCheap is at $10.99/yr while GoDaddy at $14.99/yr.

I suppose you realize that NameCheap offers a good price for .com’s and from theprice point we should go with it.


If the price is the only thing that matters to you, then head there right now and buy your desired domain name. Oh wait, actually there is one more option which I will tell you about at the end of this article if you have the patience.

User Experience

This is more about each individual, can be somehow subjective but I rather go with the simpler NameCheap interface rather than GoDaddy‘s cluttered layout.

I am not going to go into very technical detail because I think for a beginner it is way to much information at once. I will try to remain as basic as possible.


Purchasing a domain usually comes with a few extras. These extras sometimes are expected, like security, but sometimes are quite valuable, like privacy settings.

I will let you know straight forward, NameCheap is really cheap compared to GoDaddy. Email and WHOIS Guard are free by NameCheap while GoDaddy charges.


Both Namecheap and GoDaddy offer upsells to hosting and storage packages. Namecheap offers a cool upsell for a One-pager site that would be useful if you are just trying to get a site up quick. They also offer an upsell for a discounted SSL package. Also GoDaddy has similar upsells.


Final Verdict

Me personally I would go for NameCheap, which I actually did. I am happy customer and I thought that sharing with others that are still undecided might help them succeed in their endeavour.

As I was saying before there might be another way which I personally also tested. Buying a domain is only the first step of setting up a new website. You will also need hosting. I know that most of the Internet Marketers recommend  HostGator, InMotion or Bluehost as a hosting service but I looked for something less crowded, with fast SSL servers and great Customer Service.

Yes, I am also a customer of TMD Hosting and I am very happy about it. And if you are just starting out I also have a great step by step guide in How To Set-up Your Blog in 5 minutes right here.

And the beauty of all is that if you sign up with TMD Hosting through my tutorial you will also receive a FREE DOMAIN NAME for a year. You see, there is always a better way, you just need to find it.

I am not going to lie in any shape or form, I am getting referral fees from some companies mentioned in this post, but any opinions are only based on my experience as a paying customer.

If you have further question or suggestion, please feel free to use the comment section below.


Constantin Sap

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