Next step: Earning the money online

Next step: Earning the money. How can I make money online when I don’t know much?

There are so many ways out there that one might find himself overwhelmed by tons of information and resources. While I hope to be as clear as possible in explaining what are the best ways to make money yourself, I would also ask you to ask me questions if something was unclear. I am going to explain one of the very best methods out there to make you some extra cash, or if you are willing to invest the time and the work even the freedom of quitting your current job. I am talking about Affiliate Marketing.

Please do understand that earning revenue from home won’t be an instant process. It requires a lot of work. Don’t be discouraged, working from home is maybe just like any other job. You have to put in the house in order to succeed. The best part is that you don’t have to answer to any one, just yourself.

How does it Affiliate Marketing works?

You will help people with information, and if they are happy with the services you deliver they can choose to support you. How can they do that? Let’s say your niche is Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone. You make a great review about it and your visitors like your products description. At this point you should be already affiliated to an online vendor, let’s use in our example Amazon. Amazon will provide you then with a link of any product you want, in our case Samsung Galaxy S6. People looking to buy this smart phone will find your review, and they will decide they want to buy it. If that’s the case they will click your link and go directly to Amazon and buy that smart phone with no additional cost for them. So they basically repay you with a click. With Amazon you can get between 4% and 10% from the amount spent by the person that bought thru your link.

But, before cashing in you need to make some work. First off you need to start with a website. Then you have to work to get traffic to your website. Without these 2 main ingredients obviously you won’t make a dime.

There are about 2 billion people using at this moment the internet and these people are always searching for something. They will look a lot of information and also to buy products. This is where you are going to be waiting with your website ready to offer the information needed for these people and by making that you will earn revenue.

Before building that website you will need to choose a niche. What is a niche? A niche is a well-defined segment of the population. So basically a group of people who have a common interest. I think almost anything can be a niche, a passion, an interest a problem or even something you need or you desire. And YES you can make money from almost any niche out there because there are a lot of people looking for anything you can think of.

Even though I said before that making money from home is like a real job but only without a boss or a schedule, you can at least make it to be fun. You can do that by choosing a niche that is something that you enjoy. Then it will be fun , you will love to talk about and learn about it and it will also bring you money.

If you decided to start you have to find a niche pretty quick. Thinking for a week it is not the solution. You need maybe a half an hour. Niches are constantly changing and what today is very well researched tomorrow might not be, you won’t be forever in this niche.

However, if you can’t decide on a certain niche maybe you should try the make money niche.


Constantin Sap

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