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I am looking in every direction because I want to find more ways to monetize …. well the internet. While I was browsing different ideas I find out about this. Making money with tumblr.

To be honest I had no idea until a while back that you can actually bring some money to your PayPal account using tumblr. By all means this is nothing new I am sure and probably some of you have already tried it, but I wanted to share with some of you that may not know about it. It requires some work before it can start making some actual money but I can say that its worth it.

Once you start rolling, then you just sit and watch, maybe spending a few minutes a day in adding more content, which you don’t have to actually write.

The concept is really easy to understand. You have to create as many niche tumblr blogs as possible and then all you need to do follow as many blogs as possible in that particular niche and then queue as many posts as possible from those blogs. After that, you just need to display some ads on your tumblr account and wait for the money to roll.

Keep in mind that getting 100 blogs to 1000 followers each is easier than reaching with 1 account 100k.

Seems pretty simple but of course there is much more than meets the eye.

Because many of you think at this moment at Adsense, I would like to say to you that I don’t. Even though I use Adsense for some of my websites, it is not recommended for tumblr blogs.

Google is a little bit complicated because they don’t accept “yourwebsite.tumblr.com” domains so you would have to own a domain to work with Adsense. Instead I recommend Exoclick, it has none of the drawbacks Adsense has, is a legit company, currently rated no 4 in the world (unlike many other ad-services) and pays out reliably.

What you also need to do before starting out is to sign up with queue# (qplus.io), either the free or paid version. I would recommend the paid version because it costs only $3/Month and it is not restricted to only 600 posts in your queue.

Setting up a tumblr blog is not that complicated, but if you need guidance here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Create a fresh chrome profile with a desktop shortcut. This makes it much easier to manage different blogs with different tags later on, believe me. This process does not work with any other browser as you need the archive poster plugin that is only available for Firefox and Chrome and is very buggy on Firefox.
  2. Install the archive poster plugin from the chrome webstore.
  3. Create a mail address, a throwaway is enough, but ideally you would have a real mail address if you ever need to do changes or restore your password.
  4. Register with tumblr, choose a fitting name for your blog and niche.
  5. Confirm your mail address, you now don’t need the mail account anymore.
  6. Go to edit appearance, edit the title and description and upload a header image. That is all the customization you need for a well running blog.
  7. Scroll down and set your blog to not suitable for minors if it is, the people who want to see adult content will find you anyway and your blogs will be banned if you don’t. Skip this step if you have family friendly content.
  8. Go to edit HTML. Scroll down to the advanced options and disable „use standard mobile template“. This makes sure that your ads are also shown to mobile users.
  9. Go to exoclick and create a new ad zone. One pop under (go to the advanced options and disable intrusive content like auto-downloads and such), one chat window and if you like a banner ad, but the banners do not earn you a lot.
  10. Copy all those ad codes, go back to tumblr and into the actual HTML (at the top of the edit HTML window) and paste it directly into the head (so after the )
  11. Save your changes and go to your followed blogs (tumblr.com/following).
  12. Unfollow the tumblr staff blog.
  13. Go to the search bar, type in search terms and follow related blogs to your niche. If it is NSFW disable the small lock symbol at the bottom right of the result page.
  14. Follow as many blogs as you can.
  15. Connect your tumblr to queue+ and set a schedule. I have most of mine set to five posts per day from 12 AM to 12 AM.
  16. go to your dashboard, on the right is a button called „view as archive“. Click it.
  17. You are presented with a nice thumbnail grid that allows for very fast reblogging. Select all the posts that you want to reblog.
  18. Go to edit, check „replace caption“ and fill in your comma separated tags.
  19. Choose which blog you want to reblog to, then hit the very left button and choose „queue+“.
  20. You are done. Repeat the last step as often as you like to fill your queue with enough posts to let everything run for as long as you like.
  21. Also keep in mind that you can shuffle your posts in queue+

That was it! It should take you around 20 minutes to have your first blog rolling. You can start making a few a day and in no time you will see some good results.

The process until step 19 should take no more than 20 minutes, the actual reblogging of course takes more time, but it is still very fast and I can fill up several blogs for months in an hour.

Once you started and you feel comfortable enough you can go on promoting your blogs or create new blogs, it is up to you. Some people do not promote because usually followers start to come on their own with time.

If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to use the comments section below! Have a great day and thank you for reading my blog!

Constantin Sap


  1. Thanks for the awesome share Constantin! Mind you I do not have a Tumblr account, but I will be joining soon. 🙂 Can you also link it to your own blogs of your website?

  2. Wow! I have never been a Tmblr fan before but now I’m signing up. It sounds like a good source of income for a minimal investment. One thing is a bit unclear- at what point you should begin to monetize it? From the very beginning or do you have to allow it to “mature”?
    Thank you. Kirill.

    • Hello Kiril. Thanks for your comment. Well what you need is actually on be accepted first by this advertising companies in order to earn money of course. In my opinion it takes a bit before money are coming. Maybe a month or 2. But I can assure you that it’s worth it. Remember that you need some content before being accepted. Photos only blogs are hard to be accepted.
      Have a great day.

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