RevAdBurst scam or not?

This website is launched sometimes in October 2015. There are so many now, I am wondering how many people will fall for this trap? Except maybe My Advertising Pays and Traffic Monsoon the big majority are very risky at this point in time. I will write a few lines about RevAdBurst though.

Overall Ranking: 25/100revadburst
Price: starting at 1$/Adpack
Owners: Reece Sinclaire
Website: https://revadburst.com/



Rev Ad Burst is advertiser platform that can pay you to advertise and interact with other advertisers. That is of course a Revenue Share type website where, no surprises here aswell, they don’t guarantee any income and there is also no refund. Very convenient. Is something like: Hey, please buy this bread from me, but after you pay I don’t guarantee that you will receive your bread and I won’t be able to refund you in any way. BOOM!

Make money with RevAdBurst

In order to make money with Rev Ad Burst you need to invest. That means you need to buy Adpacks that will mature after a certain period of time. They claim they pay every 60 minutes.

You can make money with revenue share and also from referrals. The referrals commission is 10% of their investment.

As for revenue sharing there is only one Pay plan available allowing you to buy from either one maximum 200 Adpacks except the last one where you can have unlimited Adpacks.

$1 Ad Pack = 120% Each ad pack gives you 200 Directory Credits and 10000 Advertisement Credits. You can buy 200 ad packs.

$2 Ad Pack = 120% Each ad pack gives you 400 Directory Credits and 20000 Advertisement Credits. You can buy 200 ad packs.

$3 Ad Pack = 125%  Each ad pack gives you 650 Directory Credits and 35000 Advertisement Credits. You can buy 200 ad packs.

$6 Ad Pack = 125%  Each ad pack gives you 1300 Directory Credits and 70000 Advertisement Credits. You can buy 200 ad packs.

$10 Ad Pack = 130%  Each ad pack gives you 3000 Directory Credits and 80000 Advertisement Credits. You can buy 200 ad packs.

$20 Ad Pack = 135%  Each ad pack gives you 7000 Directory Credits and 200000 Advertisement Credits. You can buy 200 ad packs.

$40 Ad Pack = 140%  Each ad pack gives you 10000 Directory Credits and 400000 Advertisement Credits. You can buy 200 ad packs.

$50 Ad Pack = 150% Each ad pack gives you 15000 Directory Credits and 1000000 Advertisement Credits. You can buy unlimited ad packs.

In order to earn on your ad packs, you must surf at least 10 ads daily.


What I like about it though is that they use Paypal, Payza, Netteller, Payeer,Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay or BitCoin. Also it is nice that they allow you to withdraw starting at 2$ and a maximum of 250$ per withdrawal. You can deposit the first time minimum 5$.

Now , I try to check as much as I can and doing this I noticed some stuff that doesn’t smell good. What I don’t like is when they don’t even pay attention to what they are saying on their website. They claim that you can earn money as a free member aswell by bringing people in, and if they buy something you will get your 10% of what they buy. then it says there that they will pay you INSTANTLY, or in 7 days. So what the hell is that? Will you pay instantly or in 7 days?



Final verdict

As many others like this Rev Ad Burst is not going to last very long. I am willing to bet on it. I would honestly be happy to see that this Ponzi scheme website is going to stay online a long period of time but I don’t see how it will sustain itself. And I really want that because of the people who put money in and have high hopes.

I myself wouldn’t join here with the thought in mind to make money because it is a lottery.

There are a lot of 100% legit ways to make money online. I belive that you should spend you money wisely and research as much as possible before investing in failed business models.

If you have more questions about this article please feel free to use the comment section below.

As for me I earn my money with Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate read my complete review here.


Constantin Sap


    • Thank you! I tried to be as much as possible on point and make people realize that is not the way to go if you want to make money online!

  1. Hi Constantin, thanks for posting this. I had never heard of revadburst before, and thanks to your review, I am not likely to try it out any time soon. There are lots of scams out there, and a person has got to be careful!

    • Hello Daniel, I am glad that you like it and that you understand the risks of joining such a website. Indeed internet is full of scams , you just need to inform before invest in something!

      Have a good day!

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