Revenue Sharing Websites – The Naked Truth


Revenue SharingSo, I will tell you a little bit about my story regarding revenue sharing websites. I was at one point quite desperate to find other online sources of income. That being said, I was spending half of my online time researching for legit methods to help me earn an extra buck when I discovered Revenue Sharing Websites. I thought I struck gold, having already a website, I thought I will also advertise and earn money from revenue.

Well, sounds good, but in reality it’s not that simple.

If you are here, reading this post then you’ve heard of websites like My Advertising Pays, My Paying Ads, Traffic Monsoon, My Trending Ads, AdShare.Network, Traffic’n’cash, Poker Automatic, Rev Ad Burst and many many others.

All these websites have something in common. They are all Online Revenue Sharing Advertising Platforms. If you don’t know what that means I will try to explain in the next lines.


What is  Revenue Sharing Advertising Platforms?

This is basically a website where you can advertise your online or even offline business and on top of that from the money you purchased this service you will earn more that you actually invested in the beginning. If this is doesn’t make sense I will try to make it simple.

  1. Sign up
  2. Buy a certain amount of credits or AdPacks
  3. Set up your Advertising Campains
  4. Earn Revenue
  5. Repeat

After you’ve sign up you can for example buy their product, usually called AdPack or Credits. This product is purchased for a value (USD) and return with a matured value, for example (110% USD) – Purchase for $2 and receive $2.20 – This exemplifies a 110% return.

The traffic you will get from purchasing Credits will most likely not benefit you in any shape or form. No one cares, members are just clicking their 10 ads a day just to be eligible to earn revenue. So you will get non-targeted low-quality traffic.But it can help you. How? It is actually pretty good to get referrals for similar revenue sharing websites.

There are different plans, some offer between 110% to 150% return. There are others up to 170% but I honestly don’t trust those at all, because the model is clearly not sustainable.



All of those websites have a referral program. Without one there is not a chance to earn revenue. A lot of internet marketers are calling all these websites PONZI schemes, because of their business model. I don’t blame them and I tend to agree even though I find that there is a small difference. In any case all of these website have pretty much copied each other and if you want to know how they work you only need to read FAQ from one and you will know how they all operate.

The big majority if not all of these pay a 10% referral commission from the people you bring in for ever ( of course for as long as the website is online ). This is a good way of income because sometimes, at least in My Advertising Pays case people are investing a lot of money.



There are a lot of payment options available, almost all the online companies that offers this service, among them you can use Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money, Payeer and CoinPayments (BTC). Some of them still use PayPal but who knows for how long , because it seems lately PayPal is starting to freeze accounts for some of those business. Most recent case is that of My Paying Ads, in which PayPal froze their account and the revenue sharing program stopped. The owner is trying to bring the business back using other payment options but it might take a while because they can’t access their PayPal money for another 180 days at least.

This is unfortunate, but that’s the way it is, PayPal is the biggest out there and if they can bully some companies, they will. Of course that PayPal thinks that companies like this are Scammers and they don’t want to associate their name with such websites.


Can you make money with Online Revenue Sharing Advertising Platforms?

And now the part you’ve all been waiting for. Answer to this question is a little bit more complicated. I am tempted to answer YES, you can make money, but there is “BUT” , in this answer aswell.

In order to make money you need to have money to invest and most importantly you don’t have to act foolishly, because let’s be honest there is a big temptation to spend all your money in order to earn money easy without too much effort. There are some things you need to consider before joining any of these websites.

  1. Don’t even think about spending your life-time savings on this.
  2. None of these sites offer any kind of Guarantee ( so you might purchase credits for nothing ).
  3. You spend money at your own risk.
  4. They usually have short-life span.
  5. If you invest a small amount you will earn close to nothing. ( ex. invest 5$ and 5,5$ in 1 and half months ).
  6. Fees are way to high for some. ( at MAPs if you want to purchase 100 Credit Packs you should pay 4999$ but instead you have to pay 5174,52$ )
  7. You really need Referrals so you can see some real income.

Safety First

You want to make legit money online?

As you can see from my above post to join such websites it is a big risk and it really not worth all the hype. Most of them have a very short life span and don’t make it after a few months. I agree that some are older than 2 years, but then again it might be too late to join now. So either way it is a risk.

I know you want to make money online, I know because this is the future, and we are getting smarter with our choices and most of us are not willing to make sacrifices or compromises to work for the man anymore.

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