Fastest way to build a Website


Fastest way to build a Website



Do you think you need your own website? I bet I can really help you out here. Earlier this year I wrote a post about how to build your own website in under 5 minutes. Even though this is just one legit way of building a website I recently discovered something else that might have some value for other people. And that is building a website under 30 seconds. Yeah , you’ve seen very well, under 30 seconds.

Whether you are looking to create your own niche websites or you are looking to create a website for a local business or client, you can do that today very easy.


What do you need to know

Well, you have a website and then you need the web hosting which is the place that your website is stored and that is really important. There are some very important aspects of websites that make the difference between a quality site and one that is lacking.

(1) Speed & Load Time
(2) Professional Design & Look
(3) Easy to Navigate
(4) Uses a CMS (Content Management System)
(5) Quality website content

Now , if you manage to have all this 5 requirements you will have a very successful and profitable website. To do this though, you need to be leveraging a framework that “simplifies” this process.  To do this, I recommend WordPress (you can build a FREE WordPress website RIGHT NOW by entering a domain in the box below)…


Why WordPress


WordPress is one of the world’s most popular blogging platforms and is used by both beginners and experienced bloggers. More than 60 million websites are using WordPress. It is an open-source free CMS ( Content Management System ) based on PHP ( Personal Home Page) and MySQL ( Structured Query Language ).

My website is also built on WordPress and I found it very easy to use and most importantly the interface is very user-friendly.

Here are some benefits to using WordPress.

  • Usually very easy to install and set-up (click of a button at Wealthy Affiliate)
  • No HTML, no code, no need for some advanced knowledge
  • Over 1,400 different website templates to choose from
  • One click install over 10,000 “add on” features and website functionality
  • Lots of support and help within the community

So, as you can see WordPress is really the way to go and I would like to show you how to have a WordPress website in a very short amount of time.


Want to build a WordPress website for FREE…NOW?


I want to share with your this video my friend at Wealthy Affiliate Kyle made in order to help you guys build your own WordPress website fast as lightning.In fact, in this video he will  show you how to build a fully functional WordPress website in 30 seconds for free.   Check it out here…

How to build a website under 30 seconds

WATCH VIDEO: Create a Website in under 30 seconds


I said I can help you and I did. But only if you are willing to take action on the help I am giving you. After you’ve watched the video you have to follow three simple steps in order to have your own FREE WordPress website:

Step 1: Start Building Your Website for your $0 at
Step 2: Create a Totally Free Account
Step 3: YOU Get Access to 2 Free Websites & an Entire Training Platform

That’s it, now you are going to have your very own, fully functional WordPress website up and running.


Still need Help with your websites?


Just ask!  If you need help with anything that I have discussed here, please leave a comment in the section below or you can get in touch with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate through my profile there.


  1. Hello Constantin,
    It is amazing how fast you can build a website. That is fast to get the first page done and as I know from experience building an effective website certainly is always a work in progress. I write on my website adding new content every week.
    Always adding new content works for me, It seems like Wealthy Affiliate has the stuff together. I only wish they were around when I first started out online.
    Thank you so much for the informative post,

    • Hello Thomas and thank you for your comment. Indeed these days everything is about speed. Wealthy Affiliate has the means and the will to do a lot for their members and building a new website is today very easy. Of course you have to be a member and of course that only creating a website it won’t solve all the problems but it is the foundation on which you will start to build!

      Best of luck!

  2. Hi Constantine,

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing this information! I’ve a WordPress site of myself and have to totally agree with what you are saying! So strange that so few people know this fact!


    • Yeah but these days there is so much information available that sometimes is very hard to find the right resources. Well with time we all get better, we are all learning something everyday and this is also for the greater good. To make our lives confortable. I am pleased that you find my information useful.

      Have a Great day!

  3. Hey Constanin,
    I can personally attest to having built a website in 30 seconds. But I must confess…it took me longer than 30 seconds because of all of the amazing templates Wealthy Affiliates offers in the WordPress realm.

    It was a real struggle to choose which one to use!

    Writing a blog on WordPress is so easy. I was intimidated at first, not having any HTML experience whatsoever, and I was amazed to find out that I didn’t need any.

    I hope that people try it after reading your article.



    • Great! I am very happy that you’ve tried and succeded. It is really that easy!
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my website at this article. I am very thankful!


  4. Great post Constantin!
    It really is easy to build a website these days.
    I still think people believe that it is so technical , and you have to have a web developer put it together for thousands of dollars, but in reality, it is very simple to build a pretty decent website yourself… All you need is the right tools and a little bit of training!
    Great job 🙂

    • Thank you for the comment John! Building a website these days is actually very important whether if you want to get serious and make money or even if you want to just share your knowledge with others or whetever the reason. And the best part is that they are getting easier and easier to own and build! You don’t need to be a IT guy or a scientist to have a blog! Just do it and you will see how easy it is.

  5. Very good training! Building a website has never been that easy! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Which company do you recommend if I want to register my own domain name in the future? Thanks.

    • Hello Effie and thanks for stopping by. If you check my website you will see that I have my websites on TMDHosting as hosting service. I belive in them and I really love their speed , their customer service and all they have to offer with a very good price. Some people would recommend bluehost or hostgator but I think they are overrated. Especially hostgator is not what it was, merely a shadow of the past. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask them. Thank you again!

  6. Hey Constantin,

    It’s very intimidating for people to attempt anything new on the online business world. This is a great way to introduce people on how easy it is to start their own online business.

    This will definitely help any inexperienced people get started, and build the confident to give it a try. Great post.


    • You are so right June. This is a great opportunity for people to join and see what easy it is. Thank you very much for your thoughts and I hope you will come back to check what I’ve written and to share some knowledge with us.

  7. Hi Constantin,

    There has never been such a good time to build your own website, as the choice of quality themes and hosting is now so widely available. With the popularity of WordPress, there’s no need to look anywhere else!

    Excellent training is at your fingertips with Wealthy Affiliate, which also has the best community to interact with online.

    Thanks for this great information.

    • I agree 100% with you. Wealthy affiliate should not be avoided if you want to learn something about Internet marketing. And as for building your own website then wordpress is the way to go. Thanks for taking to time to comment and let people know that this is the way to go.

  8. Your instructions are very easy to follow Constantin. Before I was ever into website building, I thought that the process was very technical.

    I now know that to build a website is not a difficult task at all, especially with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. I also use wordpress to build my websites and the process is super easy!

    I am quite satisfied with your tutorial and will share this to help others too.

    All the best to you!


    • Thank your very much Jason. I am delighted that you like my tutorial. Hopefully your comment will help others see how easy it is to build your own website!

      Have a great day!

  9. I can certainly vouch for this system. I joined Wealthy Affiliate two years ago and had my first website in mere moments. Everything you need to know and the support needed to succeed is part of the community there. I would highly recommend it as I have never been more happy with any online program.

    • Indeed James. Through wealthy affiliate everything comes together just fine. People just need to trust us on that and try for themselves. It’s easy and uncomplicated. If you think it’s not for you then just be on your way. There are absolutely no penalties.
      Thank you for dropping your comment James!

  10. Thank you so much for this information! From five minutes to 30 seconds….impressive!
    I’m really glad to have found your site, I feel much better about building a website.
    It was a very scary thought, I didn’t think I was technical enough but I think after watching the video etc. I Can Do This!
    Thank you for making this so easy.

    • Yeah I am glad also that you’ve found my website. I have written both ways to build your website but this is definitely the easier one. Even though these days it’s quite easy to have your own website.
      Thank you again for your comment.

  11. Siterubix is such a great site to use when building a website.

    It is truly as easy as the video shows, I wouldn’t have believed it if this was a few years ago.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks for stopping by and help others decide that this is one good quality way to build your website Ryan!

  12. The days when you need HTML knowledge in order to build your website are gone. No knowledge then you would have to pay thousands of dollars to have a website. Now it’s as simple as the tutorial describes.
    Thank you for dropping by Cade

  13. Just as easy as the video shows eh. This is great for those that are completely new to building a website online and want to avoid paying someone hundreds to thousands of dollars to build them something they can do for free with the help found here. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • You are right on point Chris! As long as you can use a computer or add files to an email then you are able to build and own a website!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Hey Constantin great information on building a website and love the play by play video on how to do it. It is great you put that because a lot of people learn better by watching videos like myself and it really hits all the target points. Great layout on your site as well and you really target on creating a website in 30 seconds. Thank you for a great post and I look forward to reading more from you.

  15. Hey Constantin,

    Thanks for sharing it’s really amazing that anyone can create a website so quickly and easy. I look forward to learning more from you and I’ll be bookmarking your site for future use.



    • A few years back you couldn’t even dream having a website so quick, but now it is reality! Thank you for your visit Melanie!

  16. Hi Constantin, great post! It is really incredible how quickly and easy one can build up a website now. Thanks for sharing the info!

    • Always a pleasure Elektra! I hope you come back for more information as soon as possible!
      Thank you for your visit!

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