The Lazy Money System – Does this work?

The Lazy Money System

First of all I would start by saying that being lazy and make money at the same time usually don’t work one with each other. But in this case I would just call the “lazy” in the title just a marketing move by the creator of this system by his name Hans Peter Jeschke. This guy is actually a mechanical engineer by trade, and is helping companies to develop successful online advertising campaigns and has done millions of dollars worth of media buys since 1999.


Product Name: The Lazy Money System
Overall Ranking: 80/100
Price: $47
Owners: Hans Peter Jeschke
Website: www.thelazymoneysystem.com


With this program I’ve found a lot of mixed reviews, which made me look even deeper if The Lazy Money System can really help, or if is even worth it. Coming back to what I’ve said before about being actually lazy and make money at the same time, I really think that with this program is not really the case even though it shows some promise.

The Program is sold through Clickbank which is a good thing because usually Clickbank doesn’t allow scams to be associated with their name.

What is The Lazy Money System?

The Lazy Money System is a system developed by HP Jeschke, that will teach you how to make money online by direct linking to affiliate offers through Bing Ads.

Usually people will go for Google AdWords or Facebook Ads but you have to remember that Bing still owns a big share of the pie in online search. I belive Bing can deliver nice and quality traffic enough to make you earn from some profitable campaigns.

How to make money with The Lazy Money System?

If you are an advanced Internet Marketer this might just be the course to use. If you’re new to PPC then it might be a little difficult to understand in the beginning but in the end I am sure you will be able to follow the step by step course in order to make profit.

This is the way the course is structured:

  • Sign up for Bing Advertising
  • Sign up for an affiliate program
  • Pick an offer
  • Create a campaign
  • Collect your money

This is exactly what you will get from HP. And if you need more information about exactly what he did in order to make money with Bing, here it is:

  • Where to get $50 in free advertising (only if you have no Bing Ads account)
  • Which offers you should pick
  • Which keywords you should start to work with.(you can copy his exact campaigns)
  • How to set up your campaigns on Bing that your campaigns have the best chances to be profitable right out the gate
  • Which boxes you have to uncheck or you risk wasting all your money
  • How to scale this into more income
  • Which other networks you can use for this

What you will actually get is a 35 pages PDF showing you exactly what he did and not only the theory. You will be able to copy/paste everything including the exact products, the exact ads and the exact keywords that HP used to make money.

On top of the Ebook you will get also some sweet bonuses like a video walk-through on how to find products to promote, also two more PDF’s. One is a 10-steps guide for beginners and the second one is a Correction List.

As a Mega-Bonus you will also get a Complete Video Walk-Through which will show you the whole process. You will see everything you need to know from research to setting up a campaign.

The Lazy Money System

Also you will get HP personal email address in case you have questions or in case you are stuck.


If you are just starting up you should consider learning the basics first. You can do that by checking my article about my number one recommendation.

Final Verdict

What I like about this program is that you can actually don’t need too much money to start with. Yes you have to pay the $47 to purchase the program but other than that you should be good because Bing Ads is offering a $50 free advertising credits. You can use this $50 to put into practice everything that you will learn from HP.

If you are still wondering if it is possible to make money with this technique I will ease the whole process and let you know that you can definitely make money this way.

This is 100% not a scam but this is for sure not for LAZY people. If don’t already know, to be successful you need to work hard and be consistent.

Hopefully my review has helped you decide on what you want to do next with your time. If you have questions or suggestion then feel free to use the comment section below.




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