TNT Traffic Network Takeover – Or how to blow your money away

Are you ready to set your money on fire? Then I can share with you a new Revenue Sharing Website. It is called TNT Traffic Network Takeover and promises a lot but in return gives nothing.

Do you want to explode your business? Then join TNT Traffic Network Takeover and take a full advantage of the best way to burn your hard-working saved money.

Traffic Network Takeover


PRODUCT NAME: TNT Traffic Network Takeovertnt logo
Overall Ranking: 1/100
Price: $10/Month
Owners: Ryan Hauser
Website: TNT Traffic Network Takeover 


This guy, Ryan Hauser is not known as a very honest internet marketer, but as a very sleek and snake-like character. I have a found a lot of complaints about him, most of them about asking for money from people in return of coaching. I myself have seen his face advertising in My Paying Ads or Traffic Monsoon too many times.  So many times that I was about to break my monitor in pieces. Luckily I don’t visit those websites anymore so I don’t get to see his face very often these days.

That until I stumbled into his new creation. I think the guy is a real narcissist because all he does is exposing his egg-shaped head everywhere.

I realize that I was supposed to write a review on TNT but it is his website after all and I think who or what the owner does it is really important in order to establish if one can or cannot spend his/her money here.

What is TNT Traffic Network Takeover?

No news here, this is just another advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as earning opportunity to members through revenue sharing. If you are serious about spending some money, I would strongly recommend you read more about these kind of businesses. You can find a lot of information about Revenue Sharing Websites right here on my website.

They promise that you will hit the jackpot if you join. You get traffic, you boost your business and not only you will get your invested money back, but you will also earn some.

Sounds very good indeed, but it is not really how it will happen. If you get some traffic, then that traffic will be useless. The people who are sent to your website by TNT for example will just wait 10 seconds and bail as soon as possible. They care only to watch their daily 10 ads and move on.

The website was launched on MAR 23, 2016. A month later it only has 1270 Members and unfortunately we cannot see how much were people able to withdraw. The Recent Payouts Page is disabled ( go figure ) .

How to make money with TNT

TNT offers earning opportunities through Revenue Sharing and Referral Commission.

tnt adpaks

Referral Commission: As an incentive for promoting the services offered in TNT website, they offer all their members 25% referral commission on all Ad Packs Purchased made by their direct (Levels 1,2,3,4 only) referral. Level 1 – 10%, Level 2 – 7%, Level 3 – 5%, Level 4 – 3%, referral commission is distributed as 30/70-CashBalance/Re-purchase Balance.

Revenue Sharing: They share profits (excluding 25% that is paid as referral commission and an additional Admin Fee) from every Adpack Purchased, with all members who have purchased Adpacks from us. Each $10 value of Adpack gives you 100 Business Directory Credits.
Please note that this earnings depends on the sales of Adpacks. TNT cannot and do not guarantee any earning or speed of earning from profit-sharing.

I would like to add here that there is nothing new compared to other failed Revenue Sharing Websites.
Eligibility to receive profit-sharing:
1. Must be an Upgraded member.
2. Members must first purchase Adpacks.
3. Then the member MUST also log into Traffic Network Takeover account on a daily basis and surf at least 10 Advertisement on Business Directory. Alternatively, members may purchase the low-cost surf-free plan.

Once a member becomes eligible, profit share is distributed every 30-60 minutes, if TNT have received sales for that period. This is done automatically and will continue untill the Adpacks mature at 120%. At this point it will cease to earn further.

In short:

Below are the AdPAcks offered at this site:

For Upgraded Members

AdPack-Plan 1: $10 share maturing at $12.00 (120% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 2: $25 share maturing at  $30.00 (120% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 3: $50 share maturing at  $60.00 (120% Returns)

The maximum active adpacks that members can have are 100 for $10 AdPack-Plans, 250 for $25 AdPack-Plans, 500 for $50 AdPack-Plans.
Members should complete the lower Adpack plan before purchasing from higher Adpack plans.

Each $10 value gives 100 Business Directory Credits.


Withdrawals are allowed from Monday-Friday at Traffic Network Takeover. Minimum amount to withdraw is $100 and maximum amount each member can withdraw is $500 per day.

As for payment processors you can use Solid Trust Pay, Payeer and Payza.


A few good, but not detalied and one really bad.

“This is awful !!
I know that you’re brand new and there will be a few kinks to work out but you need to have the financial parts working.
It took me a whole day to find the link to pay the monthly fee. Why not have a link from the error code that comes up and says, sorry you can’t do that without paying the monthly fee. Put a link right there.
I am trying to buy ad packs. I have $490.00 left after paying my $10 monthly fee. It won’t let me buy 49 $10 packs because it says I don’t have enough money. It won’t let me buy 48 $10 packs because it says I don’t have enough money. It won’t let me buy 47 $10 packs because it says I don’t have enough money.
Are you getting the idea?
I have a big pile of money in your product that is earning me nothing because your site doesn’t work.
Please fix it and send me a message my log in is”


It looks like there is no live support available, and you can only send a message and wait for a reply in your email. Poorly done, I am sorry!


Final Opinion

Revenue Sharing Websites can be very risky. So my advice is don’t spend what you can afford on these kind of sites. Making money with websites like Traffic Network Takeover is possible but it is also very risky.Let us make an analogy here, would you give money to an unknown person if he promised he will give you more in a undefinite period of time? Of course not. Then why would you give your money to an Online Unknown Person?


I know you want to make money online, I know because this is the future, and we are getting smarter with our choices and most of us are not willing to make sacrifices or compromises to work for the man anymore.

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Constantin Sap

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