Top 5 Best Youtube Tech Reviewers

I am not going to lie, I love tech! And like many others I search the internet before I’m buying new smartphone or a new computer or even a new pair of headphones.

Some people are reading what they are interested in on different review websites, but most people are just searching for YouTube reviews. Most of my friends are doing this and if you don’t watch tech reviews on YouTube then you should definitely start doing it.

There are some high quality tech review youtubers out there and most of the times they know what they are doing. I like that usually they are trying to stay consistent with their opinions and don’t try to sales pitch anything that they don’t belive in.

According to Alexa ranking YouTube is the second most visited website in the world just after meaning that YouTube is no longer just a video website, but it has become an important part of the internet influencing day-to-day lives. What I mean by that is that on YouTube you can learn everything these days, from cooking to building a house or even how to speak another language. And I am excited because the world is changing and because new opportunities arrive and we need to use them in order to improve ourselves and our lives.

These days YouTube is crowded, you can find all kinds of people who are reviewing almost anything that you can imagine and don’t imagine, but being a good reviewer and helping the viewer is another story.


No 5. Pocketnow


Even though Michael Fisher has left Pocketnow, they are still remain a leading force in smartphone review segment. I used to watch a lot of their videos in the past and I loved how in-depth were Michael Fisher’s videos especially. Lately I have watched less and less their videos but I would still recommend them in case you need a second opinion.

With about 8 people and more than a decade of experience helping readers and viewers choose the right portable devices, Pocket now remains a force to be reckoned with.

Having around 1,2 million subscribers and publishing articles and videos on a daily basis, I am sure that Pocketnow will not disappoint you when you are in need of a trusted review.


No4.  Austin Evans

austin evans

If you like games, smartphones, or almost anything tech related then subscribing to Austin Evans is the next thing you have to do. He doesn’t own a website but you can find him on YouTube and most important social media outlets.

He created his technology channel on August 4, 2007 and opened his channel by featuring video game content. Now he has about 1,4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and I really like to watch his “Is it worth it?”  videos or his PC Gaming setups. His channels also includes smartphone reviews or other tech related products.

The quality and length of his videos are excellent and the presentation is usually on point. He also produces tech videos from different perspectives like “best gaming smartphone” and many others.

His is part of the Fantastic 4 Tech Team, how I like to call them, with Jonathan Morrison, Lewis from Unbox Therapy and Marques from MKBHD.


No.3 TLD – Jonathan Morrison

jonathan morrison

This guy here has also a unique take on how to make and deliver a tech video in the most entertaining way possible. Image quality is crystal clear and Jonathan’s delivery is close to an Oscar nominee ( joking of course, even though I really like his style).

His YouTube channel delivers about one or two videos each week reviewing Apple products or Smartphones or his most interesting ” Best Tech Under … ” or  ” Things before buying! ” .

TLD channel has 1,3 million subscribers and 183 millions views and is growing fast. And he did all of this in just 6 years, starting 2010.

His is part of the Fantastic 4 Tech Team like I mentioned above.


No.2 Unbox Therapy – Lewis Hilsenteger


Lewis is quite an interesting character. I like his videos a lot even though sometimes he takes it to the extremes. He is probably the most famous of the bunch being featured also on JRE Podcast a few times now and having the most YouTube subscribers, with 4,6 million subscribers and more than 600 million views. His Iphone 6 bending video alone has more than 60 million views.

His channel covers almost anything that you can imagine from the world of tech, and has some interesting themes like ” Does it suck? ” .

Videos are just the right length and the quality is way beyond average. Even the title suggests otherwise, this channel is much more than unboxing. Lewis is a very intelligent guy, and in his videos you can see the passion and the child in him when he is unboxing different stuff.


No.1 MKBHD – Marques Brownlee


Whether you agree or not I find Marques the best YouTube Tech Reviewer. He is a very nice guy, very smart and what I appreciate about him is that he is a one man show. He does everything by himself. There is no other person behind the camera, or no production team , no writers, just Marques.

His MKBHD YouTube channel has 3,6 million subscribers and more than 432 million views. This is the place where a lot of people are coming to receive trusted advice on mobile phones usually but also a lot more, like cameras, headphones, computers or even an interview with Kobe Bryant.

His content is really good and the way his videos are filmed, you would think that they are for sure made by a professional filming team.

He started his YouTube channel in 2008 with software reviews, and since then he had made weekly videos on different products, mostly smartphones.


I like that even thought it seems that the world is getting worst I really think that is getting better. Sure there are a lot of bad events every hour in the news, but that is happening only because we have access to 7 billion people right now. I know that a lot of young people are raised in the love and respect the one next to you culture and that they only want to be perceived as good people.

This 4 guys I presented above are a real example of the modern world. In the past they were probably competitors and they would do everything to sabotage themselves. In this day and age they are friends and they are helping each other become better.

I hope you enjoyed the article, and if you did don’t forget to like and share with your friends. Also I would love if you would leave a feedback or a comment.






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