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Traffic Waves Surfing

TWS or Traffic Wave Surfing is like the article title says it just another Revenue Sharing Websites. It does share all the common features of a Revenue Sharing Website and uses the same platform. This looks a little bit more successful that my last reviewed Website, having launched at the same date but with much more members and even with payouts.

Being launched on March 23, 2016, Traffic Wave Surfing has at the time of me review 10204 Members and a total payout of $395,019.

Now before riding the Waves of Traffic delivered to your website maybe you should read my review!


PRODUCT NAME: Traffic Wave SurfingTraffic Wave Surfing Logo
Overall Ranking: 49/100
Price: $1 / Adpack
Owners: N/A


I will honestly admit that this looks better than the average Revenue Sharing scammy websites, and the fact that it has managed to gather so many members in such a short time ranks it a bit higher.

What is Traffic Wave Surfing?

tws advertising

TWS is an Online Advertising Platform. They sell Traffic Advertising services. TrafficWaveSurfing main product service is  Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid To Click (PTC), Banner Ads, Text Ads, Login Ads and Solo Ads services.

TWS also share profit of the company with the member in the revenue sharing program. (BONUS) This is only a bonus and it is not guaranteed. You are buying advertising products only.

Members can use these services to advertise their online businesses or any kind of website ( no pornography or violent content) and programs to members and visitors of their website.

The typical Revenue Sharing Website that claims that they are not a Ponzi scheme where actually everything revolves around making money from other members. They have to say loud and clear that they are just an advertising platform, which they are but this is just a false display.


How to make money with Traffic Wave Surfing?

Like in all other websites of its kind all you have to do is set up your new account and then purchase Adpacks which cost each $1. Very interesting approach on repurchase balance. This is 50-50. This looks good in the beginning but it is not suited for a long-term business. If they run out of new members then it will collapse pretty quickly.

I like that the earning money system is very simple. $1 for each Adpack and you can buy in the beginning minimum 5. Your Adpacks will expire when they return 125%.

I also like that there is no Membership and no monthly fee. You can have a maximum of 30,000 Adpacks at one time in your account.

tws price


They have a very interesting Referrals programs which can reward one up to a total of 14%. This will add up if your referrals will also bring other people to join. Your direct referral will reward you with 8% and then if this person brings someone through his referral link you will also be rewarded 3% from what he/she buys and so on.

Payment processors

You can deposit and withdraw with Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin. I also see the Visa and Mastercard logos but I think they are used just as a decoy, I would not use my Credit Card to pay on these kind of websites anyway.

Traffic Waves Surfing Payouts


Withdrawals are made by TWS support team in 24 hours maximum after you made the request. Generally, it will be sent  to your processor in 8 hours maximum.
Members can request 1 withdrawal a day. There is a fix 4% deposit fee for all processors and no fees for withdrawals.


It looks like there is no live support available, and you can only send a message and wait for a reply in your email. Poorly done, I am sorry!


Final Opinion

Revenue Sharing Websites can be very risky. So my advice is don’t spend what you can afford on these kind of sites. Making money with websites like Traffic Wave Surfing is possible but it is also very risky.As an analogy, would you give money to an unknown person if he promised he will give you more in a indefinite period of time? Of course not. Then why would you give your money to an Online Unknown Person? I think it is even more likely that you will get something good out of it.

This one has some nice numbers, and all in one month. Not bad at all.Even with all those numbers NetBusinessRating.com still rates this website No. 2 in Scams, Ponzis and Matrix.

So no matter what they say this website is PONZI. That mean there is a possibility to make money with it but for how long? Usually these kind of websites have very short lives.

Now on the other hand if you would like to learn how you can make money online long-term and safe then maybe you should consider checking my review about Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’ve never heard of Wealthy Affiliate then you should check my review here.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn to build your online business from A to Z. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. You should give it a try.

In any case, if you have something to say about my article or about anything I urge you to use comment section below.



Constantin Sap


  1. Awesome!!… I had heard about this site but had never researched it. I was once in a PTC system which was earning a little extra money, but suddenly my earnings and my user is deleted, and could never come again, lol. I also think that with PTC sitemas can make money but are also very risky and therefore should be taken very carefully.
    Great post!

    • Thank you Giancarlos!
      Yes you are right and thank you for reminding me about those so called “random deletion of accounts” once you’ve managed to make some money.
      This should be taken in consideration awell.

  2. very interesting. i am only begining to learn about these sorts of sites, including revenue sharing websites, and this post helps clarify a bit about how they work, and how to watch out for scams.

    • I am glad it did help you. I am only trying to make people understand that these are not viable option if you want to make money online. Traffic Wave Surfing it looks a bit better than many others but because the system they use is the same I don’t trust it.

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