TrafficNetPlus – Is This Even Legal?

This website was officially launched February 6th 2016. At this moment , so one month in , they have 2465 Members and Total Payouts of $9874,57.  The website looks very similar with My Paying Ads for example and seems to follow the same pattern.

As an interesting fact you can see that LAST PAYMENT is $000,00. I wonder who got so much money! ( It was a joke, in the Payouts Tab you can safely browse all payouts which are not bad at all ).

Overall Ranking: 50/100
Price: starting at $1/AdPack + $5/Month
Owner: Velly Duverny
Website: TrafficNetPlus


What is actually TrafficNetPlus?


In a few words TrafficNetPlus is an Advertising Company and not an Investment Company. But they also share their revenue with their members, which makes them a Revenue Sharing Website aswell.


So this website earns money through advertising and Adpack Shares. TrafficNetPlus core business value is solely ADVERTISING through networking.trafficNetPlus

Is TrafficNetPlus even Legal? Is this a Scam?


This is legal, you can register without fear, you just have to be wary of your country or regions Tax laws. In a few simple words this company sells advertising and if there are profits to be made they are distributed to the active members that owns active shares.

Is this a scam? I cannot answer right now to this question be cause this website is quite new, only one Month old at the moment I am writing this review. Looks better than others but with this kind of business you may never know. Maybe they have good intentions, maybe they want to have a legit business but in my humble opinion they could have chosen another way to make money online.

Advertising Packages

Not many information here , everything look nice and clean and most interesting simple.

  • Beginner Plan 110% Return – Price $1 
  • Free Members Plan 110% Return – Price $3 
  • Basic Plan 120% Return – Price $10 
  • Intermediate Plan 130% Return – Price $20


As a positive point, I like that they try to keep the return rates low showing that they think of a long business model.

What I don’t like about this type of websites is that the Ponzi scheme model is totally wrong and that once they have no new people coming in it will all crumble and fall.

How To Make Money With TrafficNetPlus

First and foremost you need to register. Then all you need to do is buy Adshares and wait for them to generate revenue while you also receive traffic on your desired website.

In order to qualify for the shared revenue you also need to surf 10 Ads every 24 hours and to have Active Shares or AdPacks.

The monthly fee is $5 but from this you get back $2 for each new member you refer to TrafficNetPlus. So now you know, referring people will give you for each $2 a month.

You have the decision to repurchase the amount you think Necessary. However, TrafficNetPlus set a minimum of 50% Repurchase rule is in place to help you built more income and secure the future of the website.

As payment method you have PayPal, Payza and Solid Trust Pay.


  • Members can withdraw a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $100 per day from Wednesday to Sunday.
  • No payment request on Monday and Tuesday.
  • No payment will be made on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Payment will be made only via the processor used to make deposits.

Also the income is distributed every hour. There is no refund, like in all the websites with this profile because actually they claim that the money are shared instantly between the members.



Seems to be some sort of support. I read some posts in a forum that usually the owner answers directly to some support requests. This means that they have a limited group, or that it is a small company.


FAQ? Weak! Testimonials? Too weak! Only 11 question answered and only 3 people wanted to share their opinion about TrafficNetPlus. And their comments are pitiful.




Final Opinion

As you can see from my above post to join such websites it is a big risk and really it’s not worth all the hype. Most of them have a very short life span and don’t make it after a few months. I agree that some are older than 2 years, but then again it might be too late to join now. So either way it is a risk.

This website in particular is new and who knows how long it will last. Remember not to invest all your saving in such websites. I would suggest to invest time and money in YOU. This way you can be sure that you will get something good out of it.

I know you want to make money online, I know because this is the future, and we are getting smarter with our choices and most of us are not willing to make sacrifices or compromises to work for the man anymore.

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Constantin Sap


  1. Definitely doesn’t sound like this is worth the risk or the hype either. I can’t believe so many people can get away with things like this, eh? I didn’t even know that TrafficNetPlus existed and glad that I didn’t stumble upon them and try it first. Will be staying away from them that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing this review.

    • You’re welcome. I try to make people understand that making money online is not like this. You have to work hard and be dedicated and not follow for traps like trafficnetplus and other of its kind.
      Thank you for your comment Chris!

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